Break within a break

  • Tajwar Aziz

Break within a break reveals shortcomings within the food system, and seeks to act on them through design interventions. London seems to have a robust food system on the surface; however lack of access to food within communities is prevalent, leaving some Londoners reliant on food banks and emergency food services. 8% of parents in London have flagged that due to lack of funds, their children miss meals. My thesis project explored design interventions within this food system.

Through a set of discursive objects for a systems redesign, my main aim was to take this research to people in the government and discuss or talk with them about the need to address the problem of food insecurity over a tea break. The objects act as prompts to recognize, discuss, and solve some of the breaks.
Trolley trust: Food banks predominately supply non-perishable food, in the form of tins and dried items. Therefore clients then carry 12-15kg home following each visit. Trollies could help clients who live locally, to carry their food home. This could be done by food banks storing a few trolleys, and loaning them as needed.
Food crate service: Clients often travel by foot to avoid transport costs to and from the food bank. On the other hand, most big super market chains have resources to provide a home delivery service for their customers.The intention of the crate is to enable volunteers to gather and pack the food donated for clients. After which they can note down the clients address, and a local supermarket would pick up the food to deliver it to the clients doorstep.
3 times 3 days: Clients are only able to redeem three food bank vouchers over each six month period. Each voucher entitles them to food that is calculated to last three days. Beyond this allowance, the food bank can give them an emergency food parcel to provide them food for up to two days. The set includes small scale versions of the food a client would receive at a food bank to last three days. The intention of this object is to highlight the lack of fresh food received at a food bank and understand how much food is needed to sustain oneself.
Please get in touch if you know anyone working on food insecurity, as this is ongoing research.