Bright Ninja: Tells Time

My first project freelancing at a start-up making apps for children that are beautifully executed, fun to play, and grounded in solid educational expertise.
Telling the time is a key practical skill for children to learn. It's a topic that includes several interrelated concepts, and one which requires lots of practise and familiarity to master. It's easy for children to feel left behind in a classroom environment, so we developed this app so they can learn, practise and test themselves at their own pace.
The 'Bright Ninja' family of characters are designed to be friendly and engaging, adding humour and fun to the experience of learning to tell the time. Sensei and his cheeky sidekick Monkey guide children through a series of different coloured belts, covering everything from the basics such as learning how to identify an analogue clock and its hands, all the way up to telling the time at every hour and minute of the day.
Within each belt, children learn an element of telling the time, practise it by moving the hands of the clock and, when they're ready, test themselves by identifying the correct time shown by a series of clock faces. This triggers a fun series of kata moves for the selected young Ninja, and a chance to win their next karate belt.

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