Brillo: Tough Stuff Tour

  • Georgia Leggott

Insight: The majority of cleaning brands produce exaggerated product demo’s that consumers don’t believe are genuine. People don’t realise the versatility of a Brillo pad and often believe they’re only for casserole dishes and dirty pots. Brillo will clean up a variety of landmarks around the UK to bring real demo’s to that the public will believe in. Starting by cleaning Nelson’s Column, asking passers by to take a Brillo pad and help clean the London landmark, whilst sharing the event on social media streams for people to see. Brillo will then take to the public asking them to vote for landmarks and locations they want to see cleaned up next. The Tough Stuff Tour aims to regenerate pride and joy within communities whilst providing real life product demo’s that people can trust.

Brillo will use direct drops, posters and social media posts to target people based on their location. Directing them to the Tough Stuff Tour area of the website to make their vote on where is in need of a good clean.