Georgia Leggott

Georgia Leggott

CreativeSheffield, United Kingdom
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Georgia Leggott

Georgia Leggott

CreativeSheffield, United Kingdom
About me
One half of Georgia and Dalian. We met in Falmouth and immediately began to bicker. Our constant bickering and banter still continues but somehow, we’ve developed a strong and close partnership, with a few ads along the way. If Tony and Ziva were in Mad Men and not NCIS, we’d basically be them. Publicis Student Workshop 2021. A super interesting creative duo, who are engaging and clearly ambitious. - Saatchi&Saatchi Open Team 2021 Shortlisted. - Creative Conscience 2021
  • Megabus: We Know Britain
    Megabus: We Know BritainMegabus links more than 90 locations nationwide and carries more than 4 million passengers every year. Their bus drivers see every passenger that gets on and off the bus, giving them an honest stereotype of people around the UK. No one knows the people of Britain better than Megabus. ft:
  • Tinned Food Diet & Tinned Food Thursdays
    Tinned Food Diet & Tinned Food Thursdays1/3 of food produced globally each year goes to waste. Over half of this food waste occurs at home. Such household waste is amassed from those aged 18-34, particularly students. The brief, research people’s behaviour surrounding food waste and produce a behaviour change to reduce wastage. Our research: Based on the primary research we did student’s regularly follow food waste advice although wastage is still high compared to what it needs to be. Their biggest concerns: the lack of fridge/freeze
  • Brillo: Tough Stuff Tour
    Brillo: Tough Stuff TourInsight: The majority of cleaning brands produce exaggerated product demo’s that consumers don’t believe are genuine. People don’t realise the versatility of a Brillo pad and often believe they’re only for casserole dishes and dirty pots. Brillo will clean up a variety of landmarks around the UK to bring real demo’s to that the public will believe in. Starting by cleaning Nelson’s Column, asking passers by to take a Brillo pad and help clean the London landmark, whilst sharing the event on soci
  • Data Valet (Creative Conscience Shortlist)
    Data Valet (Creative Conscience Shortlist)Data Valet is a service designed to exchange data, particularly social media personas. Itʼs created to allow those who want to remain on social media but need a break from their own accounts, allowing them to exchange their digital person as many times as they require with other users.
    THE LOCKOUTThe Lockout, a submission in response to D&AD New Blood's Coors Light brief. Every day, young adults are spending around 5 hours on their phones, with an average of 63.5 notifications alerting them to look down. Coors Light wants to combat this habit and encourage people to take a moment to chill, refresh and recharge by putting our phones down and our Coors up! Introducing, ‘The Lockout,’ an app designed to both restrict and reward the user for a short 22 minutes (the time it takes to drink
  • The Bot.
    The Bot.The Bot, a response to D&AD New Blood's Coors Light brief. Coors Light introduce 'The Bot'. A text bot designed to combat regretful, impulsive messages often sent on nights out. Stopping you from messaging the wrong person or saying the wrong thing. Drunken truths remain untold.
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Projects credited in
  • Northumbria University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design
    Northumbria University, BA (Hons) Graphic DesignBA (Hons) Graphic Design is a globally recognised course that sharpens creativity, develops our student’s problem solving abilities, enhances their graphic language, presentation and production skills. We provide a friendly and challenging studio environment, specifically designed to replicate the industry workplace, using critique and feedback techniques employed industry-wide.
Work history
    Agenda Design logo
    Agenda Design logo
    Junior DesignerAgenda Design
     - London, United KingdomInternship
    This placement gave me some good experience as a Junior Designer – I gained exposure to design work with Agenda Designers but also gained understanding of archiving, filing and some other administrative tasks as well. I had a large involvement in the Savills Shared Ownership Campaign creating the final brochure covers alongside their London Home Show A4 advert and advertorial.
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Teamworking
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Efficient
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
    Student WorkshopPublicis Groupe
    London, United Kingdom
    Over 6 weeks my creative team will take on 6 briefs from some of London's biggest and brightest advertising agencies. Each week finishes with a big pitch inside the agencies themselves.
    Brixton Finishing School logo
    Brixton Finishing School logo
    Ad-CademyBrixton Finishing School
    London, United Kingdom
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