Northumbria University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design

  • Cindy Claudia
  • Ellie Childs
  • Joshua James Smith
  • Georgia Leggott
  • Ellie Ferguson
  • Jagoda Wrobel
  • Laura Carr
  • Elliott Harosh
  • Hannah Eastman
  • Lauren Basey
  • Laura Freer
  • Rosie Caldwell
BA (Hons) Graphic Design is a globally recognised course that sharpens creativity, develops our student’s problem solving abilities, enhances their graphic language, presentation and production skills. We provide a friendly and challenging studio environment, specifically designed to replicate the industry workplace, using critique and feedback techniques employed industry-wide.
consider/ette by Eleanor Hodgson
Kult by Joshua James Smith
The Race of Gentlemen by Connor Robertson
Guilt Dips by Samantha Bailey
Find the OK by Andrew Pyle
Divino (Experience Store) by Alexandros Tofarides
Beyond Earth by Jake Ord
Saucey Secret by Jagoda Wrobel
Wear story by Apriola Zabrina
A Fisherman’s Truth by Georgia Leggott
Instinct; Trust Your Instinct by Lauren Basey
Toku by Madalin Vlad
AWOL by Laura Carr
Left Blank by Elliot Harosh