YCN New Now Dishoom Brief, 2020

  • Georgia Leggott

‘Dishoom Rail’ The Dishoom Loyalty Scheme Dishoom Rail is the loyalty scheme for Dishoom, using the classes of Indian railway travel to form a tiered system in which guests can gain rewards the higher up the classes they move. Indian Railways have strong design elements, class systems and compliment all the decades in which the Dishoom locations represent as one. The rewards available on the loyalty scheme are based around primary research in which Dishoom customers and its target audience were asked for their feedback and suggestions. The scheme will be based on an app but have a physical card that will connect as one through the use of QR codes. This allows the experience of Dishoom and physical elements such as the breakfast loyalty, gift coins, books, menus etc to all work alongside the loyalty scheme. The amount spent on visits will reflect on the class each customer sits in and is explained in the following pages. The loyalty scheme aims at building a customer loyalty relationship over a continuing period of time rather than just a small amount of visits. The loyalty scheme tiers are based around a party size of 4 but can be altered based on the needs of the business. It allows allows room for additional points to be gained if different restaurants decide to put on ‘app offers’ such as ‘double points on breakfast at Manchester location on [insert date]. £1 reflects into 2 points, additional points can therefore be added through offers as well as value spent. The money spent is also based on the total bill not just the total food bill. App and physical card will connect through QR codes. App Prototype link; https://marvelapp.com/1144a86e

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