Brixton Finishing School

Digital accelerator to help disadvantaged youth


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Brixton Finishing School disrupts the way the Creative Industries recruit talent. We are an ‘end to end ‘ solution to the Creative Industries diversity challenges. We provide a free, 12-week, premium learning experience, delivering creative and digital skills and real-world advertising experiences. We prepare our students for a pool of entry-level roles available just for them or for jobs in the wider industry. Diverse teams deliver businesses a competitive advantage. Different types of thinking mean new perspectives, fresh ideas and better advertising/creative work. We conduct outreach into groups ‘under-represented’ in the creative industries (BAME, Working Class, NeuroDiverse, Female) to find those with untapped potential. They attend this unique course that blends workplace experiences and multiple expert masterclasses with digital marketing and training in winning office behaviours. Our big name industry sponsors create a pool of entry-level roles just for graduates of the course. Last year we delivered a 95% employment success rate.

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