Mail Metro Media x Art Fund

  • Leila George
  • Obinna Udekwereze
  • Mickey Jones
  • Amara Barrett - Willett

This project was created as a part of Brixton Finishing School. Brief set by Mail Metro Media: Come up with a big idea for a brand collaboration with Mail Metro Media, targeting different audiences provided by their range of publications. Response: Art, Unframed, a collaboration with Art Fund to revitalise the arts and culture sector which has been greatly impacted by Covid-19. This collaboration provides a huge platform (online and at a local level) for artists who have missed out on the opportunity to exhibit their work due to covid.

Quiz for the Daily Mail Snapchat Account - “which art movement are you” to engage with younger users.

On the Metro and Mail Online websites there will be a series of banner ads featuring quarantine creations, a virtual gallery of submissions and a designated arts section on the Metro and Mail sites (which will run during the campaign) and will feature specific co ntent such as articles about Art Fund grant-holders and a 360 gallery.

The Mail Online site will feature a banner ad encouraging people to donate to support Art Fund. We chose this site to feature this ad because 48p in every pound spent in charity donations in the last 12 months are from Mail Online readers.

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