Start with Samsung

  • Leila George

Created as part of Brixton Finishing School. Brief set by RAPP: Create a campaign targeted at Gen Z which promotes the new Samsung A Series, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Buds and the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Account for COVID-19, lockdown and the effect it may have on on Gen Z. Link back to the proposition 'Better Together'.

Brand Insights:
  • The founder started off selling noodles and after the Korean war the company was brought to life. Times were tough, much like the current pandemic.
  • 'Samsung' means ‘3 Stars’ in Korean. The founder wanted Samsung to be known as a brand that was infinite with its ideas like the galaxy.
  • Their advancement and expansion came from the development of over 80 businesses. Samsung became a master in all areas, innovating and working smart, much like the Gen Z hustler mentality that has been showcased during the pandemic.

Audience Insights:
  • Gen Z want to start their own businesses with a large proportion having already started one.
  • Gen Z use Netlifx, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok most and value brands that provide authentic and engaging content on the social media they use. They like organic content and hate paid ads.

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