Bring Me The Horizon - Spotify-influenced Merch

  • Nikos Antoniou • A dedicated website that serves up personalised T-shirts to people based on their Spotify listening data. The site, called “amo in colour” is a reference to the band's album, amo, which was released earlier that year.

When you visit the website, you're prompted to connect with your Spotify credentials and then pick your six favorite tracks from amo. The website then takes your list and any of your previous listening habits with Bring Me the Horizon on Spotify and uses music intelligence platform The Echo Nest to analyse loudness and energy.

You are then delivered a mock-up of the shirt, which is the band's hexagram symbol, saturated in a smear of color unique to your data. It tells you how alike you are to other listeners of the band, and then, if you wish, you can buy the shirt.