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At Samsung, we want to inspire learning through incredible experiences that are available anywhere, at any time. In 2016 we successfully partnered with the world-famous Royal Shakespeare Company to help transform young people’s engagement with Shakespeare through our RE:Shakespeare app, so this year we decided to team up with them again.

For the Good of Rome and the Makers Lab

We teamed our latest technology with the insight of Shakespeare’s greatest Roman plays in For the Good of Rome: a conference series for 16-19 year olds. We ran workshops that centered around 3 important themes: citizenship, rhetoric and women as leaders.
Acclaimed actors, directors and journalists, including Erica Whyman, George Alagiah and Iqbal Khan, offered their expertise and wisdom, giving further insight into each important issue. We helped our students to think differently about the world, showing how the themes in Shakespeare’s plays still ring true today.
Students then joined our Makers’ Lab where they were taught by experts from Samsung, the Royal Shakespeare Company and creative content studio, The Mill. Using the latest Samsung devices, they learnt the art of storytelling and directing in 360°. They were taught how to use cutting-edge devices, making filming more accessible and exciting than ever before.
Armed with this new knowledge, we then set them a challenge—use the Gear 360 and Gear VR to tell their own stories. With our exciting new products and the insights of Shakespeare, they were able to express themselves in a whole new way.

Tell your own story from a new perspective

Take a look at the videos below and learn how to create a 360° film. Then find out here how you can get involved with the RSC Film Challenge and share your story with the world.

Shakespeare and storytelling

Learn how to construct your story from Alex, theatre director at the Royal Shakespeare Company. From the bellowings of Brutus to the struggles of Caesar, we’ll cover rhetoric, storytelling and politics.

Directing in 360°

Learn from Ben Woolf, 360° filmmaker and director at the Mill, how 360° video can help us see things differently. The way Shakespeare’s plays were performed in the round has natural parallels with filming in 360°.

Getting into Gear

Josh from Samsung shows us how you can capture every moment in 360°. He explains why the new Gear 360 is ideal for filmmaking and how you can immerse yourself in your new video with the Gear VR.

Filmmaking unboxed

Shaun from Samsung runs us through a number of exciting new features that allow you to express your creativity with the Galaxy S8.

Where to next?

Check back this October to see the incredible content that our students have created. And see exactly what happens when you combine the wisdom of Shakespeare with our revolutionary devices.
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