Brisk Timos x Prasil - KINA "किन?"

  • Nes Gurung
  • Namikson Gurung

Stream/Download - We been working on this song for over a year now, where Brisk Timos and Prasil shares their personal story about mental health�. Brisk Timos - The song "KINA" basically express how I feel and how my alter ego is speaking about the darkness that I’ve been going through in life each and everyday which I feel like giving up... Prasil - Everyone goes through a dark place at some point in their lives that may seem to offer no hope, help and is full of overwhelming self doubt and endless negative thoughts. The song is an excerpt of a sort of the phase but also a reminder to one's fighting their inner demons that they are not alone and there is always light at the end of the tunnel... Mental health Helpline:- Samaritans (UK) - 116 123 Patan Hospital Helpline (Nepal) - 9813476123 #mentalhealth