Namikson Gurung

Namikson Gurung

Project/Account ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
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Namikson Gurung

Namikson Gurung

Project/Account ManagerLondon, United Kingdom
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  • Brisk Timos - DOPE CHA (Music Video)
    Brisk Timos - DOPE CHA (Music Video)Stream/Download - Lyrics - Produced by AKGee ( Mix & Mastered by Bill it ( #BriskTimos Choreographer: Hemansu ( ( ( ( Da
  • OON-LIVE 2019
    OON-LIVE 2019"Summer Jam 2019" Band: Copper.feel ( Artist: Nantas ( Prasil ( Yeshelevon ( Last Summer, we hosted a small jam session with @copper.feel to showcase our talented musical friends prasil, Yeshe Levon & Nantas. It was truly an amazing night for us and wish everyone could have witnessed it. . This September, we have dec
    FEUERMOHNWild, Fierce, & Free spirited 'Copper Queen' “Feuermohn - 'Fire poppy Flower' ” (German translation) Concept inspired by nature to promote the idea of slow fashion. Slow fashion is an awareness and approach to fashion, which considers the processes and resources required to make clothing, particularly focusing on sustainability.
    DAWA X PROFESSOR TRIX - ZENZEN in simple form is peace, flow state and the state of nothingness. After no burden of collecting more souls, the spiritual universe we exist in and the peace in war, how the state of mind is so focused and at peace when in battle. . After the suffering comes pain and sadness but then I took a stand. Like the ying and yang theres both sides of the story, we cant live with all good or all bad, or all peace or all war, in human or even animal nature the way we are built and coded we cannot coexi
  • Cultural Liminality - Sujata Gurung
    Cultural Liminality - Sujata GurungStylist/photographer– Sujata Gurung is a British/Nepali visual artist living in Ashford, Kent. She moved to the UK at the age of 13 and has been struggling to find her dual identity. In her final year of University, she started her small project “Paichan.” This project has now been her mission to showcase the rich Nepali culture and how young British/Nepali have accepted the culture living in the UK -showing a positive impact to the community. So we met up with Sujata in a small café at Soho to
  • Brisk Timos - K garnu (Music Video)
    Brisk Timos - K garnu (Music Video)Stream/download: Lyrics - Produced by Ak Gee
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