Bristol Black History Month Magazine 2021

  • Marta Celio

The economic and social contribution of the Black African and Caribbean Diaspora Communities has continuously been undervalued and under-promoted. To combat the lack of awareness and knowledge of these contributions, we have put together The Bristol Black History Month Magazine. Through the magazine, we showcase the past and present realities and legacies of the Black communities. This magazine holds up a mirror to the progress of the region in terms of social, economic, academic, enterprising and racial equality. For systemic change to happen, it is vital that people of all backgrounds engage with these topics. Bristol Black History Month Magazine is for everyone to read, enjoy, and educate themselves about the experience and contributions of the Black communities. Our vision is to provide a platform that celebrates the achievements and stories of Caribbean and African heritage communities in the South West, providing content that is reflective of the communities so that we improve the involvement and engagement of the communities in future opportunities, issues and solutions.