Marta Celio

Marta Celio

Graphic Designer and Editorial DesignerBristol, United Kingdom
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Marta Celio

Marta Celio

Graphic Designer and Editorial DesignerBristol, United Kingdom
About me
I am a Bristol based graphic designer with a passion for editorial design, typography and print. My work is conceptually led and my approach methodical. I like to explore themes within the intersection of culture and social issues to bring about social change. As a freelance designer I work on a range of self-directed and client led work within music and the cultural sector. I believe in the subversive potential of words and images.
  • Bristol Black History Month Magazine 2021
    Bristol Black History Month Magazine 2021The economic and social contribution of the Black African and Caribbean Diaspora Communities has continuously been undervalued and under-promoted. To combat the lack of awareness and knowledge of these contributions, we have put together The Bristol Black History Month Magazine. Through the magazine, we showcase the past and present realities and legacies of the Black communities. This magazine holds up a mirror to the progress of the region in terms of social, economic, academic, enterprising
  • 3/4 Heavy Lungs
    3/4 Heavy LungsWe met at The Tap Room, drank free beer and interviewed Danny Nedelko, Oliver Southgate and James Minchall from Bristol’s experimental post punk band Heavy Lungs. George Garratt (the fourth member) had better things to do. The interview investigates figures in Bristol’s underground music scene, exploring the band's stylistic choices; the creative process of writing music; their experience as performers and their thoughts on Bristol’s music scene, venues and future.
  • Bricks and Mortar
    Bricks and MortarIn 1919, the Government created the Addison Act, a move that made individual housing needs a national responsibility and aimed to provide good quality housing for working people. 100 years on in 2019 the state of our housing is not only a national crisis, but a national scandal. Our government is failing to provide affordable housing for everyone, property prices and rents are inflating and an acute housing shortage and lack of investment has led to the increased displacement of citizens and a s
  • Alternative Norm
    Alternative NormIn the light of the recent pandemic, which has seen most countries call for extreme action to stop the widespread of a deadly new virus, the majority has started questioning our current way of living. Debates around the practicality of our current political and ideological system have started raising and questions around what constitutes the norm have emerged. Is there really "no alternative? Through a campaign-like approach, this project attempts to highlight flaws within the current structural
  • The Age Of Neoliberalism: Sound In, Housing In, Work In
    The Age Of Neoliberalism: Sound In, Housing In, Work InA series of books featuring short essays around phenomenons which can be defined as manifestations of the Neoliberal system we live in: a topical and visual exploration on a range of debated contemporary issues. Sound In The Age Of Digital Reproduction, a publication about the impact of the advent of the web on music culture. Housing In The Age Of Austerity, a publication about the impact of austerity policies on the housing crisis. Work In The Age Of Austerity, a publication about the impact
  • The Market Will Regulate Itself
    The Market Will Regulate ItselfThe past few years of British politics have been characterised by privatisation, deregulation of the market, austerity policies and competitiveness. These are only some of the defining characteristics of the neoliberal ideology through which policies have been implemented and continue to rule the political landscape of both sides of the Atlantic. Neoliberal policies have shaped not only the way we live but also our society and environments. As a way of encapsulating the ideological change brough
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Projects credited in
  • Bristol Black History Month Magazine
    Bristol Black History Month MagazineA yearly publication which provides an exclusive focus point for the city to celebrate the contributions and achievements of the African and Caribbean community, represent and unifying diverse communities and reduce racial tension by opening up conversations through storytelling. This project was the result of a collaborative effort by myself PM, and two other designers and the team at Cognitive Paths.
  • Agents of Change - Panellist Discussion
    Agents of Change - Panellist DiscussionA Panellist member at Arnolfini’s “Agents of Change: Think, Create, Play event” speaking about the importance of inclusivity of BAME students in the arts, how I built my brand as a young creative as well as showcasing my work. 18th May 2019
Work history
    Graphic DesignerUWE Bristol
    Bristol, United KingdomInternship
    Bricks And Mortar Exhibition, Bristol - UWE Graphic Design - Working as part of the publication team responsible for the production of a mega graphics exhibition which was open to the public and comprised of 25 projects aimed at highlighting the housing crisis in the UK. - Simplifying complex concepts, translating them into visual identity, creating a visual identity for the exhibition and developing relevant documents. - Presenting the development of the design process to students and attending meetings with tutors in order to review production. - Responsible for video production, applying visual identity, editing and presenting videos made by other students and providing editorial advice to other teams. - Assisting with the set up of the exhibition and curation of the event.
    Editorial DesignerUWE Bristol
     - Bristol, United KingdomInternship
    End Of The Year Publication - UWE Graphic Design - Working as part of a team of 8 students selected from a cohort of 80 to produce a publication to represent the course to the public. - Organising and running workshops as a way to generate content on the theme of the climate crisis, identifying key messages arising and translating them into accessible language and graphic content. - Creating a visual identity and editorial design. Making decisions relating to content and ensuring that deadlines were met despite the challenges of having to work collaboratively, yet remotely, during lock down. - Managing and organising printing and end-to-end production.
  • Print Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Visual Identity
  • Video Editing
  • Typography
  • Graphic Design
    First Class Honours, BA (Hons) Graphic DesignUWE Bristol
     - Bristol, United Kingdom
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    Distinction in Foundation Diploma In Art and DesignUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - Hereford, United Kingdom