BRITA - Dear Joanna Campaign (IRIS)

  • Natalie Grover

Following on from the success of Joanna Lumley & BRITA’s social films, the Dear Joanna campaign puts Joanna back in the advisory role and let people confess their Single-Use Plastic Sins (SUPS), with her encouraging the public to feel good about small changes in a variety of different short social sketches. In the early launch, the campaign was recognised and announced as Campaigns ad of the day: The Joanna video series generated over 5% to 8% engagement across social channels.

The public is craving light-hearted entertainment; therefore, the social campaign will use humour to invoke real feeling about ‘Green Guilt.’
We all know that we could and should be doing more to help preserve the environment. This campaign launching in March until mid-April, will encourage consumers to repent their SUP sins and feel good about their personal green wins.

Campaign aims
• Be inspiring, positive and optimistic to build and retain a community of BRITA advocates
• Subtly remind people that using BRITA products makes you feel good.
• Drive reappraisal of BRITA and increase relevancy of the brand
• Strengthen brand salience by building an emotional connection with consumers
• Demonstrate the value difference that BRITA brings
• Get bottled water users to re-appraise BRITA and remain loyal to the brand by portraying it as the smartest choice that makes you feel good.

Campaign roll-out

  1. A light-hearted social media series of humorous video sketches -
  2. A photoshoot with a celebrity photographer on a land sight to evoke the powerful reality of waste
  3. Greening Good Guide - Joanna & Keep Britain Tidy will collaborate on creating a guide which highlights BRITA as a solution to green guilt, helping people to feel good about making small eco-choices. Available on the BRITA website, with illustrated visuals, it provides a clear CTA for consumers encouraging them to participate with the campaign message.
  4. Influencer campaign - to ensure the campaign reach goes further and puts the ‘10 tips to greening good’ guide into practice in the real world, influencers will share their green guilt and make a commitment to change with a CTA to their followers to think about their own green guilt.
My role included direction for social asset cut-downs, social copywriting, ideation for more extensive social amplification like BTS content/direction for social, Stories, Reels and IGTV. I also led the creative direction/development briefing of the IRIS studio for Greening Good Guide assets rolling out March to mid-April and creative output for social media awareness.

Alongside the campaign, I created the direction and strategy for the BRITA social channels with complimentary always-on activity covering cultural themes and lifestyle images for Feb-April 2021.