British Airways (BA 2119: Flight of the Future): Research, Exhibition & Report Design

  • Jazzy Olive

I worked as a Research Associate in collaboration with the Royal College of Art, within a multi-disciplinary team of experts (including Airbus, NASA, Rolls Royce, London Science Museum, and Zodiac) to run the 'BA 2119: Flight of the Future' project in celebration of British Airways' 100th anniversary. The outputs were exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, London in August 2019. The project was published in academic papers and showcased in the below report.

Want to see the full story?

Read Book →

Want to see the full story?

Read Book →

A big thank you to the eight student teams (Aer, S-Low Down, Tastenation, Curio, Future of Luggage, Aerium, Aerwear, and AVII) for their ideas and innovation throughout, and to the project collaborators (British Airways, Airbus, NASA, Rolls Royce, Science Museum, Saatchi Gallery, Foresight Factory, Safran) and team leaders from the Royal College of Art (Dr Laura Ferrarello and Professor Ashley Hall) for making this happen.

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