British South Asian Heritage Month - Heritage Activity Packs: Bharatanatyam Mudras

  • Ragavee Balendran

To celebrate British South Asian Heritage Month, me and 17 other creatives designed activities for the British Council to create an activity pack that explores heritage through poems, recipes, photos, music and more. Each page offers something for you to do - draw, design, ask questions, collect and share. You can find these activities free and downloadable at* *

My activity includes the background and use of mudras in Bharatanatyam. In these two pages, it breaks down a short description of what Bharatanatyam is and the history of this dance. It also informs you how mudras (hand gestures) are used to visually tell a story by the meaning of each gesture. I show an example; by using the chart of mudras in the next page, how to create your own story from home with the selection of meanings.