British Vogue / British GQ - Video Series

  • Joel Kitzmiller

As a part of an ongoing partnership with Condé Nast, we helped to help shape the initial visual direction for all video channel series and special project launch. The challenge was to ensure that all channels felt like Condé Nast video whilst still retaining the visual identity of the individual publications. We worked on all idents for both launch platforms, British Vogue and GQ, as well as special series partnerships for Gucci.

Vogue Video
We worked with Vogue Video's internal production teams and directors to design series identities including, lower thirds, credits and YouTube related assets for all series launched on Vogue Britain.
GQ Video
We helped GQ develop the in-house style and produced idents and titles for all series and partnerships launched on British GQ's video channels.
Gucci Performers
We worked with Vogue's commercial team to establish an identity for the ongoing Gucci Performer's series which included idents, lower thirds, and timing as well as online social assets to help launch the series across GQ's and Gucci's owned channels..