Side Hustle/ Poetry

Brothers and Sisters

  • Randy Mankoto

A poem about being black in the UK. I was commissioned on writing a poem about the dichotomy on blackness here in the UK, in early may. I wrote two here the first one.

brothers and sisters

In the streets I see my brothers. All reigning in the U.K. Some rap, others greet me saying "My ack". Poets who tell stories so eloquently that the queen should come and listen.  We share different identities but being in this country we have one thing in common. Whether we go to Mosque to pray to Allah or eat our Jerk chicken next to a picture of the Lion of Judah, we share one thing in common.  My sisters are in the city; showing the biggest kind of Love that any human being could give. They’re the ones who takes care of our hair.  Who stand up when someone tries to come for their men. They are wave makers in the workforce and pioneers of creativity. Roses that grew from concrete; despite the media and systematic oppression. Cooking food and showing they can kick ball too. There's nothing they can't do  There's a beauty in having skin similar to the universe. Who knew it could be so diverse, sparking up so many victories but bringing a lot of pain.
Randy Mankoto