Brutal Youth

  • Francesca McGowan

Originally a three-dimensional steel structure I have been able to develop this exploration of the Brutalist era with the aid of the digital realm. The playground is a representation of regeneration and youthfulness which exists within the boundaries of architectural design. Some of my work has strong political links with regards to historical and social contexts, for example housing and the class system. I find that I use an identification of factors within socialism which assists the creation of a consistent aesthetic that allows my work to develop through subjective parallels of architectural space and can engage a personal association with urban environments. I constantly question the why and the how of how living standards were so adjudicated depending on the economic status of the individual. This has led to a fascination in observing people’s ability to communicate and adapt with the modernising world. Focusing on life during the post war era and the emergence of the architectural style ‘brutalism’, I question why parts of the world have somehow been altered and turned ‘cold’ in matters of design referring to communalism and morale. I express this moving through the ages by representing an abstraction of architecture, ambiguous portraits and material manipulation.

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