BT TV Everywhere

  • Nikos Karakatsianis
With a budget and audience reaching into the millions BT's TV Everywhere app was an enormous undertaking. 

The Challenge

To expand BT's TV Guide app into an On Demand video platform. BT TV delivers content from various different sources, On Demand, Catch up, Recordings and Live TV. It was vital that we found a way to consolidate all of that so viewing it was as easy as tapping a play button, but still give users access to all the other sources.


Together with the head of UXD and a UX designer, we ran regular 'whiteboard sessions' to rough out UX concepts as a team. Once we had put together something we were confident in it would be run past the product owner, as well as other key stakeholders, to ensure they were happy with our direction before moving on to the wireframe stage.


In the early stages, as well as working in sprints, we adopted a 'fail fast' approach to the visual design. I put together designs - while directing a freelance designer - and created prototypes that were then pulled apart, critiqued and iterated on. This methodology helped to tighten up the design, leaving no stone unturned.

User Journeys

Screen designs would be printed out and mapped out in various user journeys so we could get a holistic view of the overall app. This allowed us to quickly see where there where holes in our thinking, which screens needed improvement to be up to standard, and what could be slimmed down, without spending large amounts of time creating clickable prototypes for every iteration.



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