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  • Elizabeth Ogabi
  • Naomi Mdudu
  • Dior Bediako
  • Emma Alexander
In celebration of Women’s Month, join us on Thursday, 29th March from 7-9pm, for our second panel discussion of 2018. Enjoy refreshments at Blooms London with some of London’s smart and successful career women!
This discussion is titled “Building + Thriving”
What’s it about? Simply put, an honest conversation on how you can build your career/business and thrive despite the challenges/changes females face.
There’s so much power in learning lessons through real life stories! Which is why we have selected four amazing women at different stages of their careers to share how they’ve built their careers, How they’ve thrived through challenges such as starting a business at a young age, tackling motherhood at the peak of your career and even growing your business in a completely new country.
This isn’t an empowerment event but equipping, through hearing how these women have built their careers and business you’ll also learn how you can build yours.
See you on 29th at Blooms London
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Dior Bediako is the founder of Pepper Your Talk, a careers platform for young fashion creatives and The Junior Network, a members’ club for entry-level employees. As well as a University guest lecturer and panel moderator on subjects around fashion, careers and diversity.
Emma is the founder and Executive Producer of Mother Bran, an independent photography production company based in London.
Lu Li is the founder of Blooming Founders, a service provider supporting female entrepreneurs with a holistic approach to the business building experience.
Naomi Mdudu is an international speaker and the founder and editor of and a coach for female founders.


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