Bulb: product launch announcement

  • Oisin Teevan

As with any launch you need to be able to clearly communicate the ins and outs of a new feature or product to your audience clearly, personably and without using the usual internal jargon that can trickle out to consumers. Here's an example of a product launch announcement, direct to consumers, that went out across out blog and other channels.

Product update: Smart Pay As You Go is here

From the Blog | Oct 2020

Some big news today.

Our Smart Pay As You Go energy plan is officially live. Members with a compatible smart meter can switch today and manage their energy from their phone.
You can get the same great, green energy and top-up straight from your phone.

Top-up from anywhere

Smart Pay As You Go members can top up from anywhere, at any time. Log in to your Bulb account to top up online, or download the app to top up from your phone. The app makes it easy to keep an eye on your account balance and how long you have left until you need to top up. It’s also rated the best energy app for Apple and Android (if we say so ourselves). Just in case, we send every member a card too, so you can top up at any PayPoint store if you prefer – there are 28,000 in the UK.

More to come

Being able to top up with your feet up is definitely a win. But we’re not stopping here. We’re building new features in the app for Smart Pay As You Go members. We’re planning an automatic top up feature, and soon you’ll be able to see charts in the app which show your energy usage over time.
With the information we receive from your smart meter, we hope to offer advice on how you can lower your usage (and therefore your energy bills), too.

Green Energy as Standard

We’re proud to be the only large energy company in the UK to offer a Smart Pay As You Go plan with 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas.

Switch today with a compatible smart meter

For now, our Smart Pay As You Go plan is available for new and current members with a compatible smart meter. In 2021, members with traditional meters will be able to book a smart meter installation and switch to Smart Pay As You Go.

So what do you think?

We want to know what makes a great Smart PAYG experience. What features do you want to see released next? Auto top-ups, more control over spending?
Please let us know below.