C&A at the Olympic Games Rio 2016

  • Barbara Carrion
I was the project Leader to C&A's sponsorship of the Olympic Games Rio 2016. C&A was responsible for creating and delivering Brazil's team uniforms for the Games Opening Ceremony.
My job was to manage the relations between the Fashion Designer chosen to create the uniforms (Lenny Niemeyer), the Brazilian Olympic Committee, the supplier and C&A, in order to meet everyone's needs and deliver a successful project.
Also, I worked with the advertising agency and creative teams to launch a campaign starring some of the athletes and models (sports + fashion worlds put together).
Finally, I organized the launch of the uniforms press conference and some marketing activities to create buzz surrounding C&A's sponsorship.
Agency: AlmapBBDO | Photographer: Henrique Gendre | Stylist: Pedro Sales | MUA: Raul Melo | Models: Mariana Calazan, Samantha Heck, Alessandro Pierozan, Ed Saldanha | Fashion Film: Thiago Jenné | C&A: Marcos Limberte, Mariana Moraes e Barbara Carrion