C&A Foundation Sustainability Report 2016

  • Gretel Keyte

Every year, corporate foundation C&A Foundation release their annual report to touch on the incredible work carried out that year, and the spaces in which they can improve. The problem is, not many people take the time to read through pages upon pages of results.

For the 2016 Annual Report, we decided to move away from a tangible print out report, and moved the entire report online, with a fresh new feel. I had responsibility for the report copy, from short introduction pieces to hard hitting editorial, fact finding and checking, to conducting and writing interviews. The report is a beautiful display of how C&A Foundation is making fashion a force for good.

I spoke with a number of people affiliated with C&A, from women working in supply chains, to owners of new sustainable technologies. I worte interview questions, conducted the interviews and then turns answers into editorials.

Some examples below:

Working closely with the design team, we came up with ways to make technical information visually stimulating and memorable. The website is interactive, with moving elements, animation and video use.

click me for the full report and more information on the C&A Foundation