Cacophony by the Sea - Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler

  • Wajeeha Abbasi

Is it nausea or a head rush? One can't quite tell the difference when they're reminiscing about Karachi. The whirlwind that engulfs and pulls you into the staggering pace of this fast-moving city. The almost tinnitus like the sound of the waves crashing against each other on sea view. The crows and seagulls heckling each other, and us, from up above. The camel bells at sunset and the electric current running through the live wires that create a web over the city. These sounds bring with them that salty, sweaty smell we are all used to - the smell of fish at the ports coupled with smoke that acts as our very own Karachi-flavoured oxygen. Karachi feels almost like an alien creature with its multiple faces, spitting blood, sweat and tears and leaving a distinct fragrance in its wake, falling asleep in the cool evening breeze, ready to wake up at dawn and start spinning again. Illustrations created for Red Bull Canvas Cooler Residency and exhibition. Nine artists from Karachi were commissioned to use the RedBull coolers as canvases and apply their mediums to explore the concept of Metamorphosis and Karachi. The two-day residency and one-day exhibition was curated by renowned Pakistani illustrators and Designers Samya Arif and Sana Nasir. Digital Illustration 16 x 16 inches Year 2018