Cafuné Project Space

May - Sep 2017
Berlin, Germany
Cafuné is a Brazilian word for physically fondling somebody’s head, playing on the intellectual stimuli in exploring themes regarding the relationship between the Northern and Southern hemisphere.
Cafuné is an independently run project space in Berlin, dedicated to the experimentation and development of contemporary dialogues between the northern and southern hemispheres.
Among todays elites, assertions about the contrasting merits of diverse human groups are almost always couched in terms of historical differences between cultures.
This project aims to work on the demystification of such beliefs.
Our vision explores the idea that the predominant dialogue surrounding diversity between opposing geographical locations reflects a juxtaposed understanding of fundamental similarities.
By bringing together artists/curators/speakers from different continents, the space will serve as a cultural melting pot and as an opportunity for collaboration between creative multidisciplinary peoples.

For us it is very exciting to have people from different backgrounds that have never met before collaborate on a project. It is all about mixing, our idea was never to be a space for Brazil in Berlin, but a place for mixing cultures and finding out what comes out of it.
We want to be very open regarding the use of the space. We focus on finding people to work with that have the same interests as we do and introducing them to other people so they can use the space to invent a new kind of dialogue. Some projects last a month some last a week and some last only an evening. Our proposal is not to be a fixed gallery, but a space activated by ideas.
Photos: 1. Fabien Maheu perfoming 'Deep in the Forest' // 2. Audience // 3. Clarice Calvo-Pinsolle presenting 'right hemisphere, left hemisphere' and Laura Pattinson presenting 'echo fallacy' during the event 'Sound Nap' // 4. The Sacred Assembly of The Another Other, a research piece by Gui Pondé // 5. Audience // 6. Malungas/Women of the fourth World by Ana Hupe // 7. Anton Steenbock and Peter Behrbohm performing 'Neue Berliner Luft' // 8. Ankunft in Zone Delta, a film by Mikko Gaestel and Nike Arnold

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