Calais Nord

  • Mario Guay
  • Nastassja Guay Bonnabel
Paris Nord & the French humanitarian medical organization Médecins Sans Frontières started collaborating in November 2016, for a fundraising campaign for which MSF decided to partner with independent brands & creators.

In September 2018, in order to continue to collect donations and support the independence of MSF, Paris Nord re-edit the orange and black Calais Nord sweatshirt dedicated to the refugee of Calais.
These symbolic colours refer to the life-vests worn by refugees during their crossing of the Mediterranean sea. There are also the colours of the Refugee Nation’s flag, designed by the artist Yara Said, Syrian refugee now living in Amsterdam.
With this sweatshirt, Paris Nord makes a commitment to a cause close to its heart and will redistribute the integrality of the sales benefits to MSF.

Concept / Graphic design / Art direction
A collaboration with Arthur Couvat, Momo Conzen, Eric Boateng and Nastassja Bonnabel.