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  • Camille Lesforis

Mission- CamiCrafts is a platform where creativity meets crafts, designing and creating a variety of quirky workshop events for clients and customers to experience and learn new techniques and skills. We believe craft-based practices is an enriching road to artistic mindfulness, improving relaxation and productivity through a focused and therapeutic experience. Creativity, gifting and social bonding are the focal point of our brand, we are always thriving to form new ideas on how our workshop products enable participants to also gift their outcomes to others. Ethos- "CamiCrafts deliver bespoke creative workshop events for clients and customers. Creativity, gifting and mindfulness is the heart of everything we do. We believe in bringing people together through creative activity and mindful making, hosting a relaxed and encouraging experience to create together, share with others and escape into the art of crafting” Website- Instagram- @camicrafts Facebook - For more information contact-

Valentines Day Candy Box Decorating Workshop @ Deptford Does Art (Feb 2020)
Christmas Bauble Decorating Workshop @Tracks (Dec 2019)

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