Campfire presents Big Boost Mondays with Richard Norris - an ambient & abstract agenda

Big Boost Mondays is a gathering of the like-minded on the first Monday of the month, to enjoy an evening with inspirational speakers and “doers” from the world of technology, art and culture. The event takes place at our brilliant FORA studio in Clerkenwell, London.

In this immersive talk we were joined by Richard Norris as he took the audience on an abstract and ambient journey. We looked back on his musical journey and the wonderful paths that has led him down. We got the headphones on, tuned in and got lost in a world of sounds, shapes and immersion, subconsciously learning the science of relaxation – an abstract and ambient agenda.
Richard is a London-based record producer, song writer, sound engineer, musician, DJ and author. Best known as a member of electronic dance band The Grid. He has also worked as a producer and engineer since the 80s with artists such as Bryan Ferry, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Marc Almond, Joe Strummer and Pet Shop Boys.

Recently Richard Norris has performed a musically mesmerising and visually immersive set at Nile Rodgers Meltdown the longest running artist-curated festival in the world, marking its 26th year anniversary. He is currently working on a new abstract album, you can listen to a snapshot of ‘Abstractions Volume 2’ album above.


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