Can an idea change the world? Shell Ideas360 Roadshow

  • Linn Frost
50% INCREASE IN COMPETITION SUBMISSIONS81% ASSOCIATION OF SHELL WITH INNOVATION27+ MILLION FACEBOOK IMPRESSIONSShell Ideas360 is an exceptional global competition that engages and inspires students to develop innovative ideas that tackle the pressures on the world’s Energy, Water and Food resources. It also seeks to position Shell as an innovative and responsible company, and enhance its employer attractiveness. Our challenge was to promote the competition in a way that had never been done before, at 10 locations across the UK and USA.We created an eye-catching pavilion, conceived and designed to create the feeling you were entering a basecamp of a National Geographic Adventure – the prize on offer to the winners of the Shell Ideas360 competition.The inside of the pavilion was packed with interactive exhibits and divided into three zones – energy, food and water – each with its own experiential installation. There was the chance to create your own musical energy ‘mix’ using sounds from instruments such as gas burners, vacuum cleaners, solar panels and light switches.You could compete in an RFID-powered quiz that was a real eye-opener when it came to solving the world’s food puzzle. There was even a first-of-a-kind game that used a kind of synthetic telepathy to show how brainpower held the key to improving the world.


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