Cancer Education UK - 2020 rebrand

  • Tom Simmons

Cancer Education UK is a charity focused on raising awareness within the Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic and Refugees (BAMER) and low socio-economic communities. In mid 2020, the charity was in need of a rebrand, with their identity / content at the time not championing or communicating with their target demographics. We created a modernised logo that worked across a versatile colour palette, to help the charity communicate to different genders, demographics, communities and represent different cancer types. The logo worked standalone or alongside the charities three pillars in a lock-up. Cancer knows no race, ethnicity, nationality or faith. However, statistics show that those from the BAMER community are disproportionately affected by cancer. The communities are often not represented in the comms of other UK cancer charities and there was not the personal stories / visuals to share. For this reason, illustration was identified as a vital supporting tool to show people from all backgrounds, to be inclusive and help communicate from everyone within the BAMER community. The rebrand included building a meaningful TOV and visual style that communicated to their target demographic, raising awareness and breaking stigmas within certain communities. The new TOV was defiant and united in the fight against cancer, devising the strap-line: 'The more we know, the stronger we grow' which nods to the first pillar of Cancer Education UK, Awareness. Developing an updated TOV helped create a clear brand positioning that allowed charity team members and volunteers to communicate the charity, its purpose and services in a concise and consistent way. Social feed examples were included based on a key date + campaign calendar.