Cancer Research UK : Because of You

WVP are proud to partner with Cancer Research UK on their high profile “Because of You” campaign that aims to show the impact of small regular donations on scientific research. Authenticity and casting real people in their videos is important to the CRUK brand and we spent 6 weeks mentoring our contributor Jo and her family in recording user-generated snapshots of their lives. The clips were then edited into a 15-second VOD Ad and Landing Page “Hero Video” for a media com campaign to coincide with Mothers Day 2018.

Landing Page "Hero" Film
Facebook Version
Following the success of the mothers day campaign we produced a follow up story with dad Alim who again we mentored in recording UGC clips of his family life.
The campaign ran across social platforms in late 2018 and was taken above the line for VOD and radio advertising in early 2019.
Landing Page "Hero" Video
FaceBook Version
Instagram Stories Version