Canon - Hotshot Hotspots (Concept)

  • Alex Daish

How does a camera brand reconnect with a generation in love with their phones?

People are taking more pictures than ever. Just not on stand-alone cameras. Most consumers would rather upgrade to a better smartphone than a purchase a separate camera now. So how does a camera brand create value from and show their value with a generation that never grew up with point-and-shoot? We just need to understand what they're using their taking pictures for.

Millenials don't necessarily want better photos, they want social recognition from their peers.


Hotspot Hotshots

Hotshot Hotspots processes the mountains of social data and uses computer vision to render 'frames' of high engagement in augmented reality. The Hotshot Hotspots app allows you to find these image hotspots in any city. Once their simply line up your phone to the frame to increase your chance of likes.
Hotshot Hotspots does this by combining location tagging and GPS co-ordinated embedded in photos and machine learning to discover popular shots. Computer vision analyses the most highly-engaged shots and uses AR to render them on the fly using ARKit.
The product could be charged for in multiple ways including access to secret 'hotspots'. It could also be given away to remind people that Canon is about helping people take great photographs.