• Alix Zoe Gerber
  • Gianluca Trezzini
  • Yves Marty

Based on the sentiment of "Enchanting Moments," Carl F. Bucherer's 2019 Christmas campaign follows the moods of Winter Nights, Winter Frost and Winter Bronze to showcase the distinctive style, quality as well as elegance of the Swiss watchmaker. The "Enchanting Moments" campaign consists of point-of-sale, still-life and lifestyle photography, as well as moving images for Carl F. Bucherer's digital communications.

Client: Carl F. Bucherer
Concept & Production: MARTY/TREZZINI
Photographer POS & Still Life: Joan Minder
Set Design POS & Still Life: Christopher Kuhn
Photographer Lifestyle: Gianluca Trezzini (MT)
Lighting: Oliver Muff
Styling: Aurore von Oppersdorff
HMU: Rachel Wolfisberg
Models: Diana Meyer & Filip Lovrinovic
Media: Online, Social, POS, Print