• Amelia Kociolkowska
  • Zsofia Kiss

A wearable pocket for storing tampons and sanitary pads, designed to be worn discreetly and underneath clothes. As well as storing these period products more hygienically than current options, Carrie is designed to reveal the products both where and when they are needed. Many women in male dominated professions feel their uniform and PPE do not serve them as well as they do men, which, amongst other things, fuels imposter syndrome.

Women often face discrimination at work for their periods. Those who work in male dominated professions endure the worst experiences, as these sex-specific activities have not informed the design of the work environments and the work schedules within which they now occur. For years, we have witnessed women entering these industries, where they have been handed a male uniform, with little to no sex-specific consideration. These factors further fuels imposter syndrome, already an issue for women in a range of careers, of all races but in some more often than others.

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