Cartoon Network - Women's day

  • Eleonora Cremascoli

- CLIO ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS 2019: SILVER "TV/STREAMING" - PROMAX GLOBAL EXCELLENCE 2019 WINNER GOLD "BEST CHILDREN CLIP-BASED SPOT" - PROMAX AFRICA 2018 WINNER GOLD "BEST CHILDREN'S PROMO" How to promote a Women’s Day stunt without alienating boys? By portraying strong female leads in a music video. The spot was fully made in-house with compositing in 1 week. The audience of the slot grew of +187% and we had +208% kids tuning in compared to last year's stunt ! On Facebook the spot has reached over 185,000 South Africans in 6 days, generating 85,725 video views, and more than 2,000 post clicks.