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Wilducts is a collection by Cascade in collaboration with a French artist Eddy Chartier.
Inspired by folk art and post-modern design, the shapes are originally crafted from a series of hand-painted paper cuts, which are then composed together to create popping geometrical patterns.
The series is a reflection on the relation between the mass production and hand crafting, with each of the items similar but none exactly the same.
I was responsible for the production of this collection from sourcing the materials and suppliers to manufacturing and promotion.
I have art directed the shoot and design of the promotional materials and lead the marketing activities online.
Cascade is a contemporary design and manufacturing studio, specialising in limited edition decorative objects, furniture and lighting.
Working with skilled craftsmen, we focus on handmade fabrication, high quality materials and processes to produce a refined collection of well-crafted and artfully designed objects.


Katarzyna Gacek

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