Case study client: DeMoo

  • Lucy Hall

Nothing To Hide exists to bridge the gap between sustainable brands and consumers through creatively communicating their innovative sustainable practices in order to educate targeted customers. Proposing the launch of a communications consultancy for sustainable fashion, beauty and accessories brands, I selected sustainable student start-up, DeMoo, as my first case study client. Selling second hand jeans and handmade headbands to the female undergraduate market, my proposal for this brand focused on elevating the brand from start-up to industry standard whilst maintaining their sustainable ethos. The ultimate goal of encouraging industry wide change is at the core of this campaign, calling for unsustainable brands to rethink their practices and consumers to shop more conscientiously.

These final outcomes focus on communicating the power of sustainable start-ups through creative content. The intended purpose of this imagery is to be shared across all brand touchpoints, forming a cohesive brand identity.
Aiming to introduce an element of humour to DeMoo’s strategy, these images feature iconic headband wearers modelling DeMoo products. Editing DeMoo headbands on to celebrities, famous artworks and cartoon characters, the concept behind this is that consumers will understand the reference and buy into the wit, humour and nostalgia of the content.
Developing a mockup website for DeMoo, the focus is on e-commerce. This space allows the brand to tell their story, creatively push the tactical narratives outlined in the strategy document and provide total brand transparency. In doing this, DeMoo can educate their customers on sustainable shopping habits.