Casio G-Shock - Never Give Up

  • James Worsley

The time we are given in our everyday lives is complex, there’s no handbook - the only certainty is its finitude. The 'Never Give Up' campaign, for the Casio G-Shock G-Steel watch collection, explores the journeys of four men, all on their own distinct paths, sharing how they’ve overcome failure while embracing the lessons learned within their struggles. We tell the stories of how these men find fulfilment in life, their craft and passions – embracing each day as a fresh canvas. In the Manifesto film for the campaign, we hear a guiding voice over telling the viewer to not be afraid to fail, but to 'raise your head, look up, go again'. It's not a race against time, but what you do with the rare seconds you’re given. Do what you can’t, go where you aren’t allowed, Never Give Up.


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