Catherine Tough

  • Lucianne Soley

Love and joy knitted through every piece. SERVICES Branding Website Design Email Design Working with A Few Great Women, a brand identity for Catherine Tough was developed using the initial singular logo as inspiration. The identity drew upon its modern British heritage, family values and an understated confidence in the quality of its products. In addition to a logo suite, which referenced smooth knitted shapes, we created a colour palette to give the perfect backdrop to the brand’s bright pieces. A clean legible font system and brush letter handwriting font add a sense of the humans behind the brand and the knitted pattern give options to add depth to any marketing collateral. A Shopify website was developed using the identity, both designed by us, especially for the team at Catherine Tough. This included full personalisation tool to customise products like hot water bottle covers with monograms, bespoke colours and patterns, ready to gift.