Celebrating Black Girls in Fashion x Fashion Future: The Business of Diaspora, Culture, and Innovation Event

  • Debora Tonet
  • Simran Kaur
  • Second Home

I'm thrilled to share the outstanding success of our recent event, "Fashion Future: The Business of Diaspora, Culture, and Innovation." As the producer and project manager, I had the privilege of overseeing every stage, from ideation and conception to implementation and execution. First and foremost, a huge round of applause goes out to the @blackgirlsinfashion team, a global hub with a mission to amplify excellence worldwide and foster a more diverse and equitable fashion industry. Our event marked the relaunch of the Black Girls Master Talk Series, providing attendees with exclusive access to top-tier Black women in the creative and fashion spaces. This initiative allowed us to learn, connect, and meet true trailblazers, exemplifying the grandeur of the Black woman's touch in the fashion and creative industry. Our accomplished speakers, Marie-Céline Agossa, founder of Yua Hair, and Dotun Abeshinbioke of Abike Studio, graced the stage with their invaluable insights into infusing culture, diaspora, and innovation into their creative businesses. They are leaders in pioneering new sustainable practices, harnessing culture as currency, and utilizing innovation to ignite inspirational creative projects with a global impact. The event was an unforgettable experience, filled with knowledge-sharing and the forging of lifelong connections. I must extend my deepest gratitude to our remarkable sponsors. Second Home provided an exceptional venue where creative ideas flowed effortlessly, setting the stage for the success of the event. A special thanks to our drinks sponsor, Something & Nothing, whose tantalizing cocktails added a zesty spirit to the evening. Stay tuned for more exciting developments and opportunities as we continue to shape the future of fashion and promote diversity, innovation, and collaboration in the industry. Creative project management - Debora Tonet @caciatonet Guest speaker- Marie-Celine Agossa Guest speaker- Dotun Abensinboke Photography- Simran Kaur @Simran_K_01 Venue partners- Second Home Spitalfields Drinks sponsors- Something & Nothing , Sapling Spirits #FashionInnovation #CultureAndBusiness #Sustainability #Technology #Collaboration #EventSponsors