Centennial Park

  • Bronte Whittle

Brief: To create a pitch to reinvigorate an existing public area. Your role is to provide a name and complete identity system for the space. Design Rationale: The idea for a rebrand for Centennial Parklands began with the desire to give the park more personality and energy by consistently using brighter colours to become a more inviting environment.​​​​​​​

The main shape in the logo is based on the perimeter of the park. This is to show the vast amount of open space that is available for the visitors. The colours that were selected are taken from components of the park including nature, water and sunlight.
The posters are using the organic shapes taken from the logo and are designed to showcase various events that are currently taking place within the park. The intention was to make them more pieces of art rather than advertising.
Originally the way finding was very unclear, mostly using text. Continuing on with the shape from the logo while using clear icons that the viewer can understand and will avoid confusion while in the ample space.​​​​​​​