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PICK MY BRAIN (2010-date)
My love for creativity is strong. Therefore, my aim in life is to support (pro bono) upcoming artists and creative start-ups, and to allow their work and business to flourish. How? By helping them with marketing communications, by connecting them with relevant partners and an empowering network, or by being a challenging business partner.
Projects: such as Design Day, Refuse Magazine, FASHIONCLASH, Bureau Europa, Marres, La Bergere Group, MiniBib, DocFest, The Big Draw Maastricht and many more. One of my favourites has to be photographer Sem Shayne (graduate MAFAD 2016) with his project CALAISFORNIA, the European Dream, in which he shows the absurd situation of both worlds meeting each other in Calais, France.
Photos: Sem Shayne - Calaisfornia

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