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  • Kat Chan

"A guide to spring inspired by the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine." Over the last few weeks, there has been an increase in xenophobia towards Asians globally that has stemmed from the Covid-19 crisis. From London to New York, countless local Asian owned businesses from restaurants to food markets have been forced to shut down as they bore the burden of collective fear- even before Covid-19 cases were widely announced in these cities. To find opportunities to shine light on positive Asian voices/stories and small local owned businesses, I launched a project called CHUNTIAN.WORLD - a guide to Spring inspired by the philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine, that can be applied universally. The guide offers an introduction on how to apply this ancient practice in a modern way from food, drink to music. Browsers can find everything from a TCM-mulled wine recipe to specially curated playlists highlighting the Hong Kong reggae scene. Photography by Samuel Bradley (Vogue, Gucci, Visvim), playlists by Yeti Out (music collective from Shanghai/Hong Kong/London), wine recommendations (Ancestrel Wines, natural wine purveyors for over 100 of UK's restaurants) and food recipes (by TCM-practitioner and chef Zoey Gong).

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