CIM Digital Summit: Closing Keynote Speaker

  • Tracey Follows

On 17 October, the Chartered Institute of Marketing welcomed delegates to the British Museum for its annual Digital Summit. The theme this year focused on delivering the ‘ultimate customer journey’.

What’s the future and what’s just hype? Does virtual reality (VR) still have too few applications to be a significant platform for marketers? Is augmented reality (AR) – with the recently released AR developer kit for the iPhone – set for a boom? These were three of the questions with which Daniel Rowles, CEO of Target Internet, launched this year’s CIM Digital Summit. What technological trends are marketers likely to encounter in the year ahead?
Tracey Follows, founder of Futuremade
She also forecasted that the health and well-being sector was likely to grow 17% in the next five years to be worth £668bn. This would be driven by a new generation, who are taking more care of their bodies and minds, and, for example, drinking less alcohol then their parents. “Health and well-being are baked-in to 21st century thinking,” she said. If marketers are to engage Generation Z and beyond, appealing to such attitudes needs to become a priority.

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