Circus Pendants for WARM

  • Corinna Warm
  • Dunja Opalko
Our popular Circus Collection features a family of three pendant lights in different sizes and a wall sconce taking its cue from the shape of a Victorian circus tent. The Circus pendants and the Circus wall light are available in either black or white with a bronze interior gently reflecting the light.
The pendants work well individually or look lovely in clusters of different sizes and colours. Custom colours are available on request.
The collection's classic design allows for great versatility, suiting a wide variety of spaces, from private residences, retail, restaurants, hotels to workplaces. The design is created to compliment an interior rather than to create a bold statement within a space, resulting in its timeless and universal appeal.
Manufactured and distributed exclusively worldwide by Studio Warm for WARM.
Image credits:
1. The Circus Collection by Corinna Warm for WARM
2. Large black Circus pendants at private residence designed by AVA Interiors. Photography: Tonu Tunnel
3. Small white Circus pendants at British ‘farm-to-table’ restaurant Plot Kitchen designed in-house. Photography: Dunja Opalko
4. Mix of medium and large white Circus pendants at Mexican diner DF/Mexico designed by Softroom. Photography: Mark Whitfield