Citadel - Galvanising creative futures in the heart of Birmingham

  • Joey Lee

Birmingham, UK, is the beating heart of the West Midlands. From Broad Street to Bournville, the Custard Factory to Curzon Street, Birmingham nurtures its industrial roots and grows a vibrant city teeming with rejuvenation. Citadel is a social workspace designed to welcome businesses of all sizes and stages, arriving in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Set behind an ornate Victorian façade, the space serves those in need of a single desk or a full floor, all connected by a vast atrium hosting great coffee and cultural gatherings.

Award-winning investment firm, Kinrise, needed a unique identity system for their newly acquired Citadel building. The tone of voice I produced reflected the building’s rich heritage, Birmingham’s gritty creative scene and the design-led approach of the Kinrise business. Within the flexible identity system, I created copy for corporate printed collateral, way-finding signage and conceptual event posters.