CITY OF LONDON POLICE / HMRC - Web App Fraud - Defence test

  • Joel Kitzmiller

Working with the City of London Police in collaboration with HMRC, we created an online application which replicated an initial survey taken by HMRC, aimed at categorising the UK's susceptibility to fraud (online and offline). Organically (with just a few tweets and posts on owned channels), the application results increased by nearly 600% with an average completion rate of 77%.

Data Analysis and UX Design
This project started with data gathered from a RICS survey carried out by HMRC which categorised individuals in the UK by their levels of susceptibility to fraud. The data defined 8 groups in total, all with some similarities and some differences. Our brief was to turn this survey, which was taken originally by phone, into a targeted, engaging digital experience. Because of limited resources we needed to focus the digital rollout on owned channels. The first part was to evaluate the data to find segments that could be grouped together to help understand and agree on the users we could potentially target digitally. Next we developed user personas and journeys as well as helped with an audit of their digital ecosystem which allow us to plan assets that would/could be used to launching the application online.
Responsive Web App
Master was tasked with producing a web application with a goal of helping make the public more aware of their own susceptibility to different types of fraud. The challenge was to ensure that, despite some oddly worded questions, the experience was interesting and usable enough to keep users engaged. The outcome was a great success with 77% of users completing the survey.
Digital Campaign
To help launch the campaign / web app across the client's owned channels, we created a small campaign of assets made for sharing.